Situated along the west shores of Lake Clarke in York County south central Pennsylvania, Long Level Marina, Inc. provides hassle free boating to nearly 500 storage customers. Long Level Marina works to ensure safe, recreational boating for more than sixty mooring customers, over 400 dry storage customers, and thousands of other boaters in this fresh water haven along the Susquehanna River.

Opened in the 1930's as Welsh's Boat Yard, the facility sold and stored Chris Craft wooden boats. In 1960, it became what is now known as Long Level Marina. When Dick Hickman purchased the marina in December of 1989, he became its 5th owner and incorporated it. Just as the boating industry made the transition from wood to fiberglass, Long Level Marina has made the necessary changes from the antiquated to the updated.

The typical length vessels served at the marina are 18-27 feet in length. The marina can accommodate much larger and smaller boats also. By simply notifying the water traffic control operator, customers wait lake-side while their boat and trailer are brought to the water by one of eight tractors. Customers can have their boat put in and taken out of the water as often as they like. Customers prefer to think of the service as valet boating. On any given weekend day, there are over 200 dry storage customers that are serviced. Flashing a card with their slip number assignment on it or radioing into the water traffic control desk will bring their trailer from its storage slot up to the water where the boat is retrieved and put away-ready for another day of relaxation.

Shuttle service is provided to and from over 60 boats kept at their moorings in the harbor. Two Boston Whalers (Orka and The Other Orka) provide transportation to and from moored boats and are also on stand by to assist a customer who may need towing. It is not infrequent that Orka and The Other Orka provide the means to transport a battery or gas to a customer stranded out on the river.

Customers may tie up to any of seven docks. Docks are provided for loading and unloading gear, walking into the store for oil, boat parts, accessories for skiing and tubing, snacks and drinks, service questions or to use restroom facilities. The longer, wider gas dock provides three-sided access to even the largest boats on the river. Speakers on the dock are wired to the office so that customers pumping gas communicate their needs directly to the office without leaving the dock. Gas can also be served before entering the water. The double walled steel underground fuel tank which supplies the gas is the state of the art technology. It monitors the fuel temperature, depth, inventory, leak detection, and water level at all times. Long Level Marina operates and maintains the only holding tank pump out facility on the lake.

The marina's concern for meeting the needs of all its customers is apparent immediately when entering the facility. A ramp is provided allowing physically impaired individuals the opportunity to enter the store without difficulty. Toilets are handicapped accessible. The concern for safety is evident by the use of the ladder for customers to board their boats. Employees are quick to alert management of any safety problems and assist in correcting them.

In an ever changing market, the willingness to invest time and money and take risks has led to the continual success of Long Level Marina. This innovativeness has produced many commendations and expressions of gratitude in return. The true gauge of this is that customers become employees and employees become customers. Gifts from customers decorate the walls and grounds of the marina, both inside and out.

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